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The Art Face. Rainbow body paint on african woman. Abstract creative lgbtq portrait. Brigh


GXNECOLOGX JUSTICE LAB is a design laboratory for research, public engagement, and artistic expression. The lab aims to design visual and educational resources and materials, community projects, and experimental research methods to address the injustices in healthcare that impact Black queer folks in the U.S. and across the African Diaspora. The lab will also include design projects for Black feminist research on sexual violence in medicine. 

Gxnecologx Justice Lab’s mission is to intervene with resources, conversations, and collaborations for abolitionist solutions of the interpersonal and systemic violence that cause trauma, health inequity, and high mortality of Black queer community related to reproductive health. 

The reconfiguration of the word, gynecology, to gxnecologx, is intended to: (1) disrupt the heteronormative designation of gender and sexuality in gynecological spaces and care, (2) serves as a metaphor about the broadness of reproductive health including but beyond pregnancy, birthing, and parenting such as menopause, gynecological conditions such a fibroids and endometriosis, reproductive cancers including breast cancer, abortion, sexual health and STDs, trans surgeries, puberty and menstruation, and more, and (3) stand as an intersectional word of anti-Blackness, anti-queerness, classism, and other social forms of power that permeate and interconnect the medical and social worlds.

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